Monday, May 18, 2015


There's no way that I can go into detail about all that has happened since my last post. So, I will just try to give the overview with an effort to do better as we move on!

In January, Shea's boyfriend, Cliff, was deployed. I went to stay with her for a week, and the wedding planning began. Nope, they weren't engaged just planning to get married (at that time they wanted to do it in April!). I talked her into moving it back and they chose Sept. Whew.....I was glad they did because I had NO idea how expensive a wedding is in today's world.

February. I began having severe pain in my right side. That lasted two weeks, and finally it was concluded that I needed to have fluid removed from my abdominal cavity. That immediately alleviated the pain and I got a ton better. At that point I had lost 86 pounds. Super excited about that, but I did gain a little back. However, I am now back down 70 pounds with hopes to lose at least another 25 before the wedding.

March and April were great health-wise! I've now started to have a few problems with my stomach again, but praying that I'll be good as new asap!

Luke finished up his first year of college and has decided that he wants to go into the Navy. I will not discuss it.

Stevie is doing beautifully at school. We are super proud of all that she has accomplished.

Wedding planning continues as we move on into the summer. We have lots of stuff planned, so I'll just have to help when I can with that.

Great things are on the horizon. I hope that I can get my act together and actually write some meaningful blogs that inspire or teach people something. That is my hope and purpose in blogging.

Til next time,